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Article PR – Watch out for plagiarism

One of my ‘ezinearticles’ was recently plagiarised by someone on another article submission site. I reported this to ezinearticles but – FYI – they told me to contact the offending site in question who banned the ‘author’ and removed the plagiarised version within 48 hours.

If you want to check if your articles are being rewritten by other unscrupulous people, just type the headline into Google (or distinctive words that appear in your article). For me, this was an accidental discovery when I was checking out how many other publishers had taken up my article. (Click the link to discover other ways to detect plagiarism online.)

To add insult to injury, the plagiarised article I’m describing was hardly readable. Maybe it had been the subject of ‘article spinning’ software? I guess people do this kind of thing for extra links. In this case, it certainly couldn’t have been to enhance the writer’s reputation as an ‘expert’!

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